Main dish - Pasta Salad 

Hearty Italian salad for a main dish.

This recipe makes about 5#10 oz (90 oz) pasta salad..
This is 15 - 6 oz servings. As a side dish.
     9 - 10 oz servings as a main dish serving.

I made 6 recipes, one at a time, planning on 10 servings each recipe for 60 people. I prepped all the ingredients into 2 gallon bags. Then boiled the noodles and mixed with the flavorings and sundried tomatoes. I then stirred the individual salad together, after the noodles were cooled, before the next batch of noodles was cooked.
1 lb noodles (brown rice is OK but they get a little strange texture since they are eaten cold).
in 8 qt pot in 4-5 qts water and 2 T salt about 8 minutes.

**To boost the flavor of the noodles, use the method outlined in The New Best Recipes cookbook for potato salad:

While noodles are just drained and NOT rinsed and still warm toss gently with red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar and 1/4 t salt and the 1 jar sundried tomatoes with the oil. They will absorb the flavors as they cool.

Stir in:
1/4 to 1/2  lb feta cheese

Add as you have:
1 lb chicken
1 medium zucchini
12 oz to 1 lb fresh tomatoes (salted, drained and salad spinner out the liquid)
3 oz salami
1 can (black) olives, any kind
1/2 to 1 whole onion (sweet onion is good and adds crunch).

Chill all and serve.

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