Drinks - Lemonade 

Because I read the label for the powdered mix!

1/2 c 1 T lemon juice
into 1/2 c sugar
Stir and let sit about 30 minutes until dissolved. Add
Enough water and ice to equal 1 quart

1 c 2T lemon juice
1 c sugar
Enough water and ice to equal 2 qts

2 1/4 c lemon juice
2 c sugar (1 lb)
Enough water to equal 1 gallon

4 1/2 c lemon juice
4 c sugar (2 lb)
Prep into a 2 qt jar
Enough water to equal 2 gallons

Prep for a 5 gal beverage cooler
12 c lemon juice (3 qts)
5 lb sugar
Prep into two 1 gallon jars (just won't quite fit in one gallon)
Let sit an hour or so to dissolve the sugar.

A really lot of prep for about 15 plus gallons:
2 gallons plus 1 qt lemon juice
15 lb sugar
Mix in 7 gallon grain container. When thoroughly dissolved pour the concentrate into 4 one-gallon jars for transporting.

Just a little bigger but still mixes in 7 gallon container:
3 gallons lemon juice
20 lb sugar

To mix on site into 5 gallon beverage dispensers:
Use one gallon and 4 gallons of icy water.

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