Punch naturally apple and cranberry 

Thanks Trader Joes for real ingredients

Simple syrup:
2 c white pure cane sugar
1 c water
Boil together at a full boil a few minutes

Serving 102 with coffee and tea and water available - 10 gallons is 142 (9 oz servings) served in 12 oz goblets.

-served in half gal pitchers on tables 20 pitchers full.

-Make 5 c (1 1/4 qt) simple syrup
5 c water
10 c sugar (5 lb is OK)
(1 jug)  2 qt (8 c) unfiltered pure apple juice
(1 bottle)  1 1/4 qt (5 c) sparkling mineral water
(1/2 bottle)  1 pt (2 c) real unsweetened not from concentrate cranberry juice
1/2 c simple syrup

Total cups: 15 1/2 c plus a little ice is a full gallon.

~I think using the real unsweetened cherry juice will be sweet enough to not need the simple syrup

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