Dip, Hummus Dip 

A large recipe for a crowd, or just a bunch of hungry people.

You will need about:
1 c lemon juice (about 5-6 lemons)
2 c olive oil (or more - it is shocking how much you need for a rich taste and a thick hummus).
2 c water from boiling the beans

Be sure to blend until very thick and smooth. Adjusting the taste as you blend and mix all the batches together.

As with most bean dishes, the flavor improves from a day in the fridge.

*extra spice options: cumin, roasted red peppers,
basil and cilantro with spanish olives,
sun dried tomatoes
In 3 qt bowl brine -
5 c (2 lb) garbanzo beans (chickpeas) in
2T salt and fill bowl with water to the top. Cover and let sit on counter overnight (8-16 hours)
Drain and rinse beans several times removing any loose skins.

brined beans with
2 whole heads of garlic, nicked so the flavor comes out and you can squeeze the garlic out when the beans are done. And
1 T salt

Try to keep the water just covering the beans because you will likely use most of it for blending to the right texture. But you don't want to dilute the hummus.

Lightly toast 1 c sesame seeds in a pan on the stovetop. Set aside and blend in with the flavorings until they are very very smooth.

When beans are tender begin blending. It will be several batches.

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