Iced Coffee 

Frozen Cappuccino:  (single serving)
3 oz cold coffee
5 oz milk or light cream
3/4 c crushed ice
Chocolate syrup or simple syrup to taste
Strong Coffee:
24 oz water
3/4 c coffee
(8 oz water to 1/4 c coffee)

Chocolate Syrup:
1 c water
1 c unsweetened cocoa powder
1 c sugar

Simple Syrup:  (if you want it sweeter)
Twice sugar to water. 2 c sugar to 1 c water

Strong Coffee:  Make in coffee maker.  Pour as much of the coffee back over grounds as many times as you like to get all the flavor from the grounds.  Store in pint bottle in frig.

Chocolate Syrup:  Measure water in two cup measure pitcher.  Microwave until almost boiling.  Add chocolate and mix until smooth.  Add sugar and mix until smooth.  Microwave until almost boiling, stir well, microwave again several times, but do not allow to boil.  (This gently cooks the chocolate making it smoother and completely dissolved.)  Store in glass jar in frig.

Simple Syrup:  Since sugar doesn't dissolve well in cold drinks, simmer together twice the quantity of sugar to water until sugar is dissolved.  Cool and store in frig.  Use to sweeten either a chocolate coffee or coffee without the chocolate.

Frozen Cappuccino:  Use bosch blender.  Blend coffee, milk, ice (and chocolate or sugar syrup) until very smooth.  (Be sure not to use too much ice or it won't swirl properly.)  Serve immediately with a straw to stir and drink with.  Can store rest in freezer for a little while until you're ready for seconds!

Try:  Blend in ice cream, try vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, or mint ice cream.

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