Blueberries for muffins First frozen, then dehydrated, then frozen for storage. 
Canning notes Peaches, pears and applesauce especially. 
Cranberry Sauce Sugar and cranberries macerated overnight and lightly boiled make an intensely cranberry compote. 
Dehydration Notes Don't forget to keep the dehydrator working. 
Drinks - Infused Water Ideas Celery - because the farm stand has celery but not cucumbers in the winter! 
Drinks - Lemonade Because I read the label for the powdered mix! 
Enchilada Sauce Make this when you have fresh tomatoes available. 
Fermented Green Chile Salsa Makes 2 quarts. This Green Chile Salsa acts like a base; not only is it a delicious green salsa as is, but it’s more—you will have ready-made flavor to keep on hand to add to many dishes. Try a few tablespoons in sour cream for a dip, with mashed avocado for a guacamole, or dump the already-prepared chiles, veggies and spices into the pot like a seasoning packet (with ingredients you can pronounce). 
Fermented Pickles 
Fresh Pickles Make these several times throughout the summer season. 
Frozen Fruit Cocktail A taste of summer in wintertime. 
Jam or Syrup canned fresh Very simple yet intense fresh taste. Thanks to some blog writer. 
Lactic Fermentation The beginning of my lactofermenting! Pickles take just a few days on the counter then a week in the fridge and they are ever so good, and healthy! 
Peppers Such beautiful colors! Don't forget to rejoice in their beauty alone. 
Poached Pears or Peaches I am poaching pears at the end of the season because they are not as bright and firm as they were earlier in the season. But this gives you fresh canned pears in quantity. 
Tomatoes Such beautiful tomatoes. Use and keep for the whole year! 
Uncle Stub's Pear-Apple Jam A beloved recipe from our great-uncle Stub. 
Zucchini Hartnell Farms has had beautiful young zucchini all summer! Now I see that you can make crispy zucchini chips. 

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